Absolut Summertime Bracelet
Absolut Summertime - Icy Green Hemimorphite, Faceted Peruvian Opal, Sterling Silver and
Thai Silver

Hemimorphite is a zinc silicate named for the hemimorphic ("half-formed") way its crystals
develop: faces that grow on one end are different in angle and position from the faces on
the other end. Hemimorphite is found in both a glassy, crystalline form and as a botryoidal
("shaped like a bunch of grapes") crust. In the latter form, this mineral looks very similar to
its close relative smithsonite. It is strongly pyroelectric (temperature changes give it an
electrical charge) and piezoelectric (mechanical stress on its crystals creates electricity,
much like quartz). Metaphysically, hemimorphite is associated with personal growth,
optimism, creativity and good fortune. It is associated with the heart chakra and with
healing ulcers, blood diseases and cellular disorders. Hemimorphite is found is many
locations, including England, Mexico, Zambia and the U.S.A.

Peruvian Blue Opal - The Incas reportedly cherished this relatively rare stone from the
Andes Mountains in Peru. It frequently contains black dendrites (fernlike inclusions). This
opal likely gets its sea-blue color from a copper mineral.

Thai silver is made in northern Thailand using traditional tribal methods passed down from
generation to generation. The silver content in Thai silver beads is typically 95-99%, even
higher than sterling (92.5%). This higher silver content is softer and therefore easier to
shape into all the unique and wonderful styles. On close inspection you will notice that no
two pieces are exactly alike, attesting to the handmade nature of these beautiful pieces.
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