Capetown Bracelet
Cape Town - African Trade Beads (rare white, pink and turquoise African trade eye
beads), Cherry Quartz, pale blue faceted Amazonite and Sterling Silver. The sweet
sterling toggle clasp was handcrafted using the time-honored art of Lost-Wax Casting


Trade beads are usually associated with West Africa where they are most often
found, but they were originally created in Venice, Bohemia, and Holland. From the
end of the fifteenth century, beads were a major component of the currency
exchanged along the trade routes. Over the next four centuries, European bead
makers were producing a wide variety of designs specially for the African trade:
millefiore, chevrons, striped melons, feather, and eye beads. Trade beads are now
eagerly collected by bead lovers from all over the world. Local bead traders generally
purchase them from local villagers, where they are then sold to buyers and importers
in the United States and Europe.