Dragonfly Bracelet
Sterling wire-wrapped Thai Silver Dragonfly, Amazonite, Peridot, Amethyst, Garnet,
Sugilite and Chalcedony Bracelet with sterling lobster clasp

Graceful and marvelous, the dragonfly has for centuries been the subject of myth and
legend and has captivated our imaginations with its daredevil flying maneuvers and
vibrant colors. To some Native American tribes the dragonfly is a symbol of change and
renewal after a time of great hardship. In other cultures, it is symbolic of happiness,
strength, and courage and is sometimes seen as a messenger of wisdom from another
world. Inspired by these colorful and wondrous insects, this dragonfly bracelet is a
reminder to have the courage to never stop spreading your wings.  Rich with gemstones,
this bracelet is composed of a vibrant mix of Amazonite, Peridot, Amethyst, Garnet,
Sugilite and large faceted piece of  Chalcedony.  The dragonfly is a piece crafted by the
Karen Hill Tribe. Karen Hill Tribe Silver is categorized as fine silver, being 95% to 99%
silver content, whereas sterling silver contains 92.5%.
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