Eloquence - Rhodonite Bangle Bracelet
I have designed this piece around a gorgeous piece of carved Rhodonite. I
have also used sterling silver seamless round beads, sterling bangle tubes,  
and Thai & Bali Silver and finished with it off with a Sterling toggle clasp.

Some believe that Rhodonite will decrease anxiety and increase attention to
detail. Rhodonite is also believed to be a calming stone. Some claim Rhodonite
can increase language skills and raise self-esteem. The pink of rhodonite is
said to enhance passionate love, while the black inclusions keep the wearer
grounded. Physically, some believe Rhodonite will help restore physical
energy after a trauma, improve the sense of hearing, help with emphysema,
ease joint inflammation, decrease sensitivity to light, and even help with strep

Rhodonite is considered the astrological birthstone for Scorpio.
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