Field Hunter Bracelet
Field Hunter Bracelet - Double Strand of Olive Jade & Sterling Silver with a Vintage
Equestrian Reverse Intaglio Clasp Set in Sterling Silver

About the Clasp:
The vintage clasp is hand painted from behind. Set in a sterling silver. Essex crystals,
sometimes referred to as reverse crystals or Intaglio, came into being in the mid to later
19th century. Rock crystal is cut en cabochon (a back flat, the front rounded and smooth).
Skilled artists then carved out the rock crystal from the back in a desired form – often
animal motifs. Once carved out, the depressions were then carefully painted in detail.
Mother of pearl was often used as a base and backing and once turned to the front, an
extraordinary image is evident in-the-round. Horses, dogs, cats, pheasants and sporting
scenes were some of the more featured themes.  Depending on the size of the crystal, and
the skill of the artisans involved, some are rich is detail and can be viewed from the side
and appear near life-like in their three dimensional nature.