Pink Cabana Necklace
Pink Cabana Necklace - Pink Chalcedony, Pink Botswana Agate, Rose Quartz & Sterling

The chalcedony nugget is a form of quartz crystal. During the 1700s it was believed that
semi-precious chalcedony gem stone nuggets embodied the power to banish evil spirits
and nightmares.

Chalcedony gem stone beads were once carried by sailors to protect against drowning.

Astrologers of the Middle Ages wore engraved signet rings of chalcedony nugget stones
as amulets. Magic stone fetishes made of chalcedony semi precious stones were fed
sacrificial blood by some Burmese tribes, to guard the house and to keep the stones from
eating the people.

Medicine Uses: In general, chalcedony gem stone beads give success in lawsuits, good
health, safe travels, and protects against harmful spirits.

Healing Properties: Helps overcome jealousy and despair. Brings love and comfort.
Dispels anger. Balances ego. Supports fidelity. Promotes awareness, clearer psychic
vision. Beneficial for business. Relieves nervousness. Promotes good health.