Unakite Earrings
Unakite and Sterling Silver Earrings $28

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Unakite was originally found in the Unakas Mountains of North Carolina, thus
giving the stone its name. It is also found in the Lake Superior region of the United
States as well as areas near the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is also mined in Brazil,
China, and South Africa.  

Unakite is a natural gemstone with an unusual but striking combination of mossy
greens and shades of pink. These colors are a result of the pink feldspar, green
epidote, and quartz it is composed of.  

Some spiritualists believe that unakite allows people to concentrate on the present
rather than dwelling in the past. It is also thought by some to bring clarity and aid in
decision making. Some also believe unakite can help find love, aid in physical
recuperation, and help maintain a healthy pregnancy.
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