Turquoise Lepidolite Bracelet
Five o'clock somewhere
Thai Silver, Lepidolite, Amethyst, Turquoise, Green Onyx, Purple Crazy Lace
Agate, Sugulite, Pale Blue Quartz, Sterling Chain

About the clasp: The scarab is an ancient symbol of vitality and new life. It
was buried in the tombs of ancient Egyptians to insure they would have a new
heart in the next life. It has always been a fortuitous symbol to wear and has
roots in many ancient cultures. This particular specimen is a vintage Japanese
reproduction dating from the 1920-40 Egyptian craze that started around the
unearthing of the first Egyptian tombs. The lines on the scarab are clearly
incised. The cabochon is 13 mm wide and is bezel set in a sterling silver box
clasp. The clasp is 28 mm from ring to ring.