Swarovski Colors
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Crystal                    Crystal AB             Crystal Moonlight           White Opal             White Alabaster          Crystal Silver Shade         Light Rose  
Light Rose AB                Rosaline                Rose Water Opal           Vintage Rose           Vintage Rose AB                Rose                         Rose AB
Padparadscha           Padparadscha AB            Lt Peach                     Fuchsia                     Fuchsia AB               Dark Red Coral                  Siam
Siam AB              Light Siam                         Light Siam AB             Garnet                      Burgundy                Smoked Topaz            Smoked Topaz AB
Topaz                 Topaz AB                            Copper                       Jonquil                       Jonquil AB               Light Topaz     Crystal Golden Shadow      
Lt Colorado Topaz AB         Silk                       Cantaloupe              Mint Alabaster              Chrysolite             Chrysolite AB                 Peridot
Peridot AB                    Morion              Palace Green Opal          Palace Green Opal AB      Olivine                     Khaki                        Khaki AB
Lime               Light Olivine             Light Olivine AB                 Ernite                        Ernite  AB                 Indicolite                     Emerald
Blue Zircon           Blue Zircon AB     Caribbean Blue Opal    Caribbean Blue Opal AB      Lt Sapphire              Lt Sapphire AB             Sapphire
Sapphire AB                 Montana                    Montana AB                Tanzanite            Tanzanite AB           Light Tanzanite      Light Tanzanite AB
Alexandrite                Violet Opal                       Violet                    Violet AB             Light Amethyst       Light Amethyst AB          Amethyst  
Amethyst AB              Purple Velvet        Black Diamond          Black Diamond AB     Crystal CAL              Meridina Blue                 Heliotrope   
Swarovski Crystals -" the creme de la creme" In 1892 a man named Daniel Swarovski of Austria patented a machine he invented
to cut crystal with great precision and efficiency. Swarovski Crystal Beads are made in Austria. They are the highest quality
crystal beads available. They have a higher lead content (30 - 32%) than other crystal which makes them heavier and adds to the
brilliance when cut. Swarovski’s sparkling beads and prisms draw out magnificent colors and bestow enchanting elegance upon
any jewelry piece. Their outstanding quality is the result of special polishing, perfect cut, exact geometry and precise angles,
which draw out maximum brilliance. They are more expensive but are truly worth the cost as you enjoy your jewelry for years
to come.

* Color descriptions are as accurate as possible, but are subject to personal opinion (place your mouse over the crystal's image
to see the color description. Please be aware that crystal do NOT photograph well.
**AB (aurora borealis) - this finish is where a color has been coated with a finish called AB.  The AB finish is an outside coating
on an existing crystal color that covers about half of the crystal face.  When you turn the crystal you will see the crystal color
on one side and the AB finish on the other.  The reflection is best described as a rainbow effect as you turn the bead.
*** Please note that all colors may not be available in all styles or shapes.  This is a guide only. Please inquire about

Light brown/beige
Smokey blue/gray
Purple with bluish hue/Periwinkle
Orangey yellow brown
Crystal                   Crystal AB                   Light Rose                  Rose                            Siam                            Topaz            Light Colorado Topaz
Peridot                         Olivine                   Aquamarine              Light Sapphire                 Sapphire                    Montana                    Tanzanite
Violet                 Light Amethyst            Amethyst                   Black Diamond                 Jet
Deep Blood Red, or deep Ruby color
Purple with bluish hue/Periwinkle  with iridescent coating
Gorgeous Blue/Purple/Red effects
Opaque black with iridescent coating - AB coating gives a gold hue
Smoke Glass gray, brilliant, Grey (transparent black) with iridescent coating
Light blue purple - lighter than Tanzanite
Light purple (February birthstone)
Light purple with iridescent coating
True amethyst color...purple with hints of red (February birthstone)
True amethyst color...purple with hints of red with iridescent coating
Royal, deep purple
Smoke Glass gray, brilliant, Grey (transparent black)
Medium blue with iridescent coating
Smokey blue/gray
Light purple with bluish hue/Periwinkle
Light purple with bluish hue/Periwinkle with iridescent coating
color-changing beads - Under fluorescent light, this color varies from nearly crystal blue to light purple  The color intensifies to medium purple in sunlight  Alexandrite becomes deep, vivid purple under halogen and incandescent light (June birthstone)
Blue-green/turquoise (December birthstone)
Blue-green/turquoise with iridescent coating
Milky ocean blue
Light blue, or sky blue
Light blue with iridescent coating
Very bold medium-dark blue (September birthstone)
Deep green, like the gem with iridescent coating
Milky aqua-ocean blue, Translucent green, effect color
Pale light blue
Pale light blue with iridescent coating
Opaque blue-green
A light, aqua blue (March birthstone)
Pale yellow
Lighter olive green with a touch of brown with iridescent coating
light Olive green
Light Olive green with iridescent coating
Mossy green - Grayed Green, no yellow, Sage green
Medium toned ocean  blue-green, teal
Deep green, like the gem (May birthstone)
Pale green with iridescent coating
Bright spring green (August birthstone)
Bright spring green with iridescent coating
A light champagne brown
light-flesh-toned color
color-changing beads - Under fluorescent light, cantaloupe appears bright green  Cantaloupe washes to a grayish crystal color in sunlight  Cantaloupe becomes bright pinkish peach, under halogen/incandescent light
opaque light green
Pale green
Rich butterscotch, golden copper with slight iridescent finish
Pale yellow with iridescent coating
Bright yellow
Very pale, light brown/beige, champagne
Dark Brown
Bright Christmas red with iridescent coating
Very dark Burgundy-red (January birthstone)
Chocolate Brown
Deep brown  (AB coating adds a gold accent)
Orangey yellow brown with iridescent coating
Bright Christmas red, almost primary
Deep Blood Red, or deep Ruby color with iridescent coating
Deep Blood Red, or deep Ruby color (July birthstone)
Bright pink  iridescent coating
Bright pink, Beautiful deep purple/violet/pink
blush wine, pink, coral, salmon with iridescent coating
Light, dusty pink, mauve
Light, dusty pink, mauve with iridescent coating
Deep bold pink (October birthstone)
Deep bold pink with iridescent coating
blush wine, pink, coral, salmon
Clear, No color, very sparkly, reflects light (April birthstone)
crystal with iridescent coating, No color, very sparkly, iridescent finish
Such a subtle coating, like moonlight sparkling on the lake! It doesn't add color like the AB.. just pure, clean sparkle
Soft, pale pink
Soft, pale pink with iridescent coating
Milky white with opal effects, Opaque White with a iridescent pearly finish (June birthstone)
shimmering translucent silver coating over crystal
Opaque black
Dark red/wine/maroon
Orangey yellow brown (November birthstone)
Metallic deep blue with green effects
Metallic deep blue with green effects
Colorado Topaz             Mocca                     Ceylon Topaz        Light Grey Opal    Light Grey Opal AB            Sand Opal           Lt Colorado Topaz
Transparent dark gray almost black
opaque white
Pale peach
Comet Argent Light, Opaque silver effect - Half opaque silver, half clear
Mossy green with iridescent coating
with iridescent coating
Medium purple with bluish hue/Periwinkle
Metallic finish with Fuchsia/Green...Beautiful Effect Stone, Grey/transparent/black with iridescent finish; looks silver
Bermuda Blue                    Jet                               Jet AB                Vitrail Medium
Emerald AB            Pacific Opal               Light Azore               Light Azore AB           Turquoise                    Aquamarine            Aquamarine  AB