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Mandala Necklace - Fine Silver Pendant
Frog Landing Earrings $32
Precious Metal Clay (PMC) is a revolutionary material, invented a decade ago in Japan.
PMC is a clay-like material made of fine silver particles, water and an organic binder. It can
be worked like a clay and when fired in a kiln, the water and binder burn off, the silver
particles fuse together, leaving only
.999 fine (pure) silver. PMC is like no other material.
In its fresh stage it acts like a clay; it can be textured, molded, formed. In its dry stage its
curiously similar to wood, as it can be carved, sawed, and assembled into complex forms.
Once fired, as metal, it can be hammered, filed and soldered.
Hidden Spaces - Fine Silver Pendant
Fashion Plate Earrings - Tanzanite & Fine
Silver $35
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